Good spirits are meant to be luxuriated in.  SS can do so via the super-premium tequila family, named Tres Generaciones. It’s kind of tequila you can pour in elegant cocktails (we’ve got recipes after the jump!), or more importantly, an alternative to those Patron shots you were doing last weekend.

On behalf of Tres Generaciones, Jaime Salas, the Tequila Ambassador hosted a dinner and tequila pairing at Toloache. Salas, a veritable expert in tequilas, led us in the art of tasting tequila amid the din of the bustling Mexican restaurant.

Tres Generaciones, or Spanish for Three Generations, is all about the OCD.  Tres founders or three generations of grandfather Cenobio, father Eladio and son Sauza.  Three different tequilas.  Triple distilled for that smooth taste.

Before we began our three course (naturally!) meal, Salas presented us with the three Tres Generaciones tequilas served neat.  All three brands are made from 100% blue agave.  Tres Generaciones Plata is a un-aged crystal, clear, and well-balanced tasting tequila.  Tres Generaciones Reposado has an initial spicy tasty, and the smell hints at ripe bananas.  Tres Generaciones Anejo is a full-bodied tequila whose taste is akin to a bourbon whiskey, sweet and complex.

First came the Granada Fizz cocktail with TG Plata, champagne, lime and pomegranate was accompanied by crab salad tacos topped with sweet onion and Thai basil. The Granada Fizz drink is perfect for those dinner parties where you show case a signature drink that’s easy but elegant to prepare.  The second drink, the Bandera, is for the more ambitious hosts who want to impress their guests.  Made with TG Reposado, mint, lime, and beet puree, the result is an aesthetically stunning and creative cocktail (see pictures) that one guest compared to as a Rocket Pop!  Chef Julian Meridan paired it with duck confit carintas atop a duck egg huarache (consistency of pita bread with the taste of potato) accompanied by a fig mole.  Lastly, the desert drink, the Oxchitl Margarita, is for those who appreciate simple, above excellent taste.  Just TG Anejo with lime and agave nectar and you have a delicious sweet drinks that appeals to all tastes (at least to everyone sitting at my table).  Dessert was carmelized milk crepes with banana ice cream.

Cocktails with vodka or gin are your basics, but add one with Tres Generaciones tequila for a little flair.  Start with the recipes!

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2 oz Tres Generaciones Plata
1 oz lime juice¾ oz simple syrup
Fresh muddled pomegrante
Splash of Champagne

Combine ingredients in martini shaker, shake-well, then strain.  Serve in a champagne flute.

2 oz Tres Generaciones Reposada
8 mint leaves
1 oz lime
¾ simple syrup
¾ beer puree
Crushed ice
Combine mint, lime and simple syrup in the bottom of the glass.  Muddle ingredients well.  Pour the crushed ice on top.  Add the Tequila, then top drink with the beer puree.  Garnish with mint leaf.


1¼ oz Tres Generaciones Anejo
1 oz lime
1 oz agave nectar

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with a lime wheel on the rim.  Optional: Salted rim: Wet half of the outside rim of the glass with a lime wedge and roll edge in kosher salt keeping salt only on the outside of the glass.

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