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Yes, bronzed beauts. We walk among you, hidden under oversized hats, dark-shaded sunglasses, parasols and an ungodly amount of sunscreen during the summer months. Come winter, while we too miss those glorious rays of the sun we are secretly rejoicing that the layers of warm clothing are shielding us from dreaded sunburns.

I’m perfectly content with my snow white skin and sporadic freckles that come out to play after 10 minutes in the summer sun, but with my pale palette comes with a particular beauty regimen. Let’s face it, I do sometimes want this glistening skin *a la Edward Cullen* to have a sun kissed look without sending me to the hospital with third degree sun burn. I wanted to make sure that all parts of my body are bleached, including my genital parts, so I decided to find out more with Anal Bleaching Expert. That’s why I’ve developed a loving beauty relationship with the following products that we tested at Caravan Stylist Studio. Similarly to remove the stretch marks, There are some remedies that can minimize their appearance and make them fade faster, For detail information read more at

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FakeBake® Lipo Bronze is a self-tan lotion with anti-cellulite which essentially means you’ll start to develop an instant tan upon application that intensify as you repeat the process. You’ll also start to notice firmer, more toned & resilient skin within 2 weeks or less. *Do I even need a gym anymore?!*

As self-tanners go this is certainly a solid product. I’ve tried a multitude of products in the past and even fake baked in a bed, crossing my fingers I wouldn’t get burnt while I stayed in for a mere 5 minutes. The smell is not pungent and they even provide handy dandy blue glove that make you feel super Grey’s Anatomy while applying. Just be sure to use or your hands will get stained. Be sure to also apply carefully so not to get the streaky look. Not 100% percent sure that my skin feels more toned but I do get the firmer vibe. They recommend not using on face and I agree – that is a whole different ball game and they have other products in their line to use for face and neck.


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Rudolph the red nose Lauren was out to play this holiday season and Physicians Formula Powder saved the day on many occasions. Sometimes inexpensive products are the way to go and this was certainly case and point when it came to my blemishes. The powder was not cakey and covered up my very noticeable pimples. I did have to reapply throughout the day but I also tend to touch my face a lot. It also kept my skin feeling hydrated, not clogging my pores and allowing for a nice base for other makeup. There’s not a range in colors but if you’re pale like me you will be set as it blends in well.


When it comes to beauty, I LIVE by NARS bronzer in Laguna. This magical powder gives skin the ultimate healthy glow with golden shimmer creating all-over warmth. The finely milled powders fills in lines and pores for a smoother and more natural look as opposed to glittery brown caked on your face. It works so well over top of other powders and BB Cream (Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm.) There is a significant difference between when I’m wearing the powder and when I enter the world without it, so I carry this sucker with me everywhere I go. It’s an instant sun kissed skin booster without having to expose my pale skin to the sun. Don’t be afraid to put it on your neck and chest as well, it gives a more fluid look.


I was not a believer at first that the Urban Decay Naked Palette was overly revolutionary. Now I say NAY to other non-believers and will suggest it to anyone asking for a palette that translates will from day to night. Especially my pale pals. The 12 bronze-hued shadows come in a wide range that make your eyes pop and play oh so well with lighter skin. Even when I forgo putting on bronzer, the colors help my skin to not look so translucent.

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A trick of the trade is creating contrast between your skin and the nail polish you are wearing. I find wearing bright shades helps to give an illusion that your complexion also has a darker color. Blush and white hues are also good choices for that sun-kissed look. Color Club nail lacquers were initially created for salon and industry professionals, and today, the trendy lacquers are now available to the public, which means you can get the most innovative and fashionable shades on your own time. The particular color I tested was matte so I slapped on a clear coat after the fact and voila, feeling good.

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A purse essential circa 1800s, Chapstick® is the obvious choice for dry and chapped lips. I only like certain flavors, those that don’t overly linger if I lick my lips a bit too often, and the Hydration line was a win. Choose from Fresh Citrus and Soothing Vanilla for instant lip relief.


Vaseline®  is another product that has been in our cabinets for years but rarely disappoints. Their aloe spray moisturizer is no different. The ease of the spray bottle makes it easy to not miss those hard to reach places and ensure all-over coverage. I’ve seen some reviews that say the product was greasy but I couldn’t disagree more. My skin feels hydrated and smooth after application but in no way slick and greasy. The smell is phenomenal and I apply now after every shower so the long lasting send soaks into my open pores.

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At Ulta you can buy this refreshing hand crème coming all the way from New Zealand. The smell will not be for everyone but when you get used to the aroma you will find that it is in fact quite Zen. The ingredients promise to protect skin against environmental stresses by replenishing with powerful indigenous UMF 18+ Manuka Honey that works to nourish and soothe tired skin while providing intensive long lasting moisture therapy and all over well-being. It does not feel like your run of the mill lotion that is pumped with fruity scents yet not doing much for the skin. Manuka Secrets is rooted on the technology and uniqueness held within New Zealand’s globally renowned Manuka/Tea tree bush and the UMF honey produced from its nectar.

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While my pale hue is not causing me to have dry skin, I’ve noticed that I tend to be Sahara Desert dry. I’m pretty sure I emulated a Brillo Pad when the lovely LIFTLAB expert provided me with an educational facial using the glorious products. Now after several months of using both LIFTLAB and several other drugstore products my skin is on fire! Well actually it’s really moisturized.

LIFTLAB is a line of skin regeneration products that can be used for all types of skin – dry, oily, combination, sensitive, aging, etc. It has received accolades from numerous beauty publications and experts, and after testing out it’s now wonder. The brand prides themselves on being scientifically aware when it came to creating these products and thus armed with breakthrough findings for rejuvenating your skin.

The story goes, a team of scientists in the Arctic made a remarkable discovery: plant and sea life in this harsh climate produce unique proteins to protect themselves from sub-zero conditions. Evolved over millions of years, these proteins help cells not only to survive, but to thrive. In fact, they are essential to life in the extreme cold, dryness and unrelenting UVA/UVB rays of this harsh environment. Clinical testing then showed that these proteins will help to powerfully protect our skin’s own natural ability to for self-repair and regenerate and may even be nature’s most effective and versatile way to maintain the health and well-being of our skin in the face of age-related and environmentally caused damage. Out of this breakthrough finding came LIFTLAB and the team purified and patented this Cell Protection Protein® (CPP®) which restore resiliency and strength to your skin, delivering nature’s best defense against time and the elements.

The Cell Protection Protein® central to LIFTLAB’s unique collection of anti-aging skin care and is a 100% natural biological ingredient has been proven to perform by both stringent clinical and in vitro testing. LIFTLAB products with CPP® have been shown to decrease the visible redness and irritation caused by UVA/UVB by 95%, and to increase the formation of collagen and elastin by 50% within 48 hours.

Any company can slap some well written words on a website and claim to be a miracle beauty product but the only way to find out is putting them to the test. I waited several months to write this review so I could try the products in various seasons (dry, cold, windy and on vacation in sunny Cali.) When I was given the product the specialist told me my skin was VERY dry and I wasn’t surprised. Not keeping up with moisturizers will have that effect. After just a week of use I noticed a huge difference and in fact, after the first application my skin was breathing so much easier. For those dedicated to keeping their skin ageless I’d absolutely suggest the products. It’s worth spending a bit more money if it works and so far, give it an A+. Come the summer months it will be a whole new dry beast but I have high hopes.

Biggest piece of advice on application, don’t rub the product in. Instead pat the dime sized portion onto your face, neck and for good measure add a bit more to your shoulders if you are like me and needs some moisture.

PURIFY + CLARIFY™ is a daily cleanser, detox mask and gentle exfoliant – AKA – a fabulous 3-in-1 product. The foaming treatment refines the skin, removes impurities and rinses residue-free. For those areas in need of deep-cleaning, the Detoxic Mask minimizes pore size and helps heal blemishes without the use of harsh hydroxy acids or retinols, the Gentle Exfoliating qualities are suitable for even sensitive skin.

LIFT + FIX™ is the line’s concentrated Restoring Serum calms, eliminates and prevents inflammation. After cleansing with the PURIFY + CLARIFY™, gently massage 1 – 2 pumps onto the face or targeted areas of redness and sensitivity. This is the product that offers instant relief from redness and irritation from environmental factors.

LIFT + REPAIR™ Multi-Active Serums and formulated with the strength of the LIFTLAB patented Cell Protection Protein plus six additional proteins and peptides to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles. Apply morning and night after cleansing.

LIFT + MOISTURIZE™ is the ultra-hydrating Daily Cream and so much more than your everyday moisturizer. It readily absorbs into the skin for a flawless application, goes beyond the surface to increase elasticity and correct visible fine lines to extend skin’s youthful look. This is the product you can certainly throw in your purse and apply throughout the day when you are in dire need of some extra moisture and probably my favorite product out of the line.

LIFT + PERFECT™ Total Rejuvenation Cream is the big whammy and naturally a higher price tag, but so worth it. It’s the ultimate breakthrough formula for complexion perfection. Skin will fell incomparably smooth, luminous and visibly younger looking. Again, the Cell Protection Protein® is used at the highest concentration in the LIFTLAB line along with 15 botanicals, active ingredients.

For those looking to just test out the Arctic waters, check out this travel set. It’s a great way to discover the skincare line and see just how lovely your skin feels. It will become a necessity in your beauty routine.

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These products were carefully chosen and provided by Caravan Stylist Studio, an innovative wardrobe and beauty studio that pairs actresses, tastemakers and media influencers with top fashion designers and beauty experts located at THE GREGORY in New York City. The studio is open to editors and bloggers in which we offer complimentary beauty services to our invited guests.

– Lauren Wire