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Fashionistas and trendsetters are always trying to find the next best thing, so where better to find it than with up-and-coming emerging designers and musicians?  Untapped Fashion & Music took place this past Saturday, September 12th, 2009 and was a huge success!  Jordana of Jordana PR flawlessly executed a great event, overcoming the great challenges of having to collaborate with so many different people and designers, bringing in socialites, press, and sponsors!

Held at the Inc Lounge of the Time Hotel, various designers, musicians, and artists were all showcasing their diverse talents while having a great time socializing with guests.  Models walk around venue throughout course of event with the designers’ creations, and two unsigned bands, The Frontline and Vine House (who appropriately called the event “fashiontastic”) performed a few of their hit songs.  Locally renowned DJ Hunter Laine spun house music throughout the night for people to dance to.

The official liquor sponsor of event was Sagatiba Rum, a Brazilian sugar cane rum where we could try two specialty cocktails, caipirinhas and their creative invention, the Bikini Martini, a passion fruit medley.  Other sponsors included: Starlite Shoes & Accessories, Eric & Luck, and JPR of the Fashion & Lifestyle Directory.

A rep from Scallywag said of the event, “A splendid mix of fashion, music and impressive untapped talent.”  Amongst other guests were past contestants from America’s Next Top Model and VH1’s Viva Hollywood, as well as one of the top (4) male models from Brazil, Yuri Campos. Yowww!!

Having to collaborate with others is always a challenge, but the designers and participants only had positive things to say.  Jewelry designer Tammy Gia exclaimed, “The event was great!  We were ecstatic..  It was incredible to see the entire thing put together”  Designer Leila Shams quipped in that the event “had a very friendly, laid back vibe.  the models were really cute and enthusiastic and really worked the looks for photographers.   It was great to meet other new designers, I may do a collaboration in the future.  Also, I met an actress who loved my dresses and asked if she could wear one to the VMA’s the next day!  She tried on her favorite and it looked amazing, we were both thrilled.”  A match made in heaven!

Designers showcased at the event included:

Chak Chel – one of a kind handbag designers in NYC – bags are made from vintage bag materials compiled into one! *see attachment – they created a post release of event*
Leila Shams – gorgeous dress designer in NYC
Gia Fragalli – Contemporary silver jewelry from a Brazilian designer in NYC
Debra Cortese – Artist from Miami who extracts her paintings unto handbags and each painting signifies something – see link below
Aqua Vi – Up and Coming designer from Los Angeles – worn by Nick “Jessica Simpson’s ex husband” and others
JR Yates – Men’s contemporary.fashionable jewelry from Los Angeles
Ben Ric Furs – Largest individually owned fur business in NY with many private celebrity clients
Peony by Sheerly Novian – Tops & tees with original designs by a designer based in NYC

Fashion Week here in New York is just about to wrap up.  But fear not!  Untapped Fashion & Music is making their way to Miami on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009!  Make your way south to warmer weather.


Photos courtesy of James and Saudi.

We had models walk around venue throughout course of event showcasing the above mentioned designers and amongst them were past contestants from hit television series “America’s Next Top Model” as well as one of the top male models – top 4 – from Brazil – Yuri Campos.  We had past contestants from VH-1’s hit series “Viva Hollywood” and many others!

The event had two unsigned bands – Frontline & Vine House.  They performed a few of their hit songs and received unbelievable feedback!! They are on their way to becoming a huge hit!  Locally renowned DJ – Hunter Laine – spun house music throughout course of event.