Though I had not heard of Venexiana until last season, it has easily become one of my favorite brands.  Hungarian designer Kati Stern held her show at Bryant Park’s Salon on September 11th, 2009.  Elegant and sophisticated, fashionable and wearable, I salivated over every dress that came down the runway.  Even the stunning dark eye makeup was enough fixate my attention on the leggy models.

The show started off with various black and white dresses.  First on the runway was a series of sequined outfits, clinging tight to the models’s bodies like fashionable reptilians.  Unlike the Bedazzler gun that I have to personalize my clothing, Venexiana’s sequined dresses are adorned with Swarovski crystals and hand-stitched appliques.  The next in the black and white series was a delicate silk-chiffon with a beautiful floral print, used for various floor-length, form-fitting dresses with elegant ruffles.

The colors that emerged were bold and flirty, bright shades of pinks, peaches, oranges, and reds that warmed the runway.  Venexiana is all about femininity, with fitted hip-hugging dresses, bows and ruffles, bustiers, and flowy skirts.  Kati Stern does it again, and somehow breaks my heart after I fall love with her collection.

For some great backstage footage, visit Zimbia.com.


Photos courtesy of Getty Images