Last Wednesday, July 11th, an intimate gathering of well-tailored professionals and philanthropists launched the charitable partnership between Vertu luxury mobile phones and Smile Train, the largest children’s charity to provide cleft palate treatment.

The elegant Sotheby’s reception celebrated the new Constellation Smile mobile to benefit Smile Train. With four eye-pleasing color options and a hefty $5000 price tag, the ultimate luxury mobile phone can now be easier rationalized as a selfless investment since $250 from each phone secures treatment for one child.

Smile Train provides free surgery and care to impoverished children across the globe with cleft lip and palates. A deformation of the lip and/or jaw bone, clefts can cause serious issues with eating and speaking. Additionally, Smile Train care providers address the psychological consequences of being a social pariah in some cultures where some families may even be encouraged to kill or abandon children with clefts after birth.

It takes as little as 45 minutes and $250 to fix a child’s cleft and improve their quality of life almost instantaneously. The amazing skills of the dedicated volunteer surgeons and care providers were documented throughout the Sotheby’s gallery by Mary McCartney’s stunning photography exhibition of the portraits of children and their families who have been helped by Smile Train. For a $250 donation guests were treated to a limited edition coffee table book produced by McCartneyy. Sadly, Mary and her famous designer sister, Stella McCartney, were not in attendance.

Vertu Americas Managing Director, Casey Armstrong, and Smile Train’s Patricia Ma greeted guests and explained the project and mission. Rosé champagne and custom seasonal libations paired well with dainty-sized hors d’oeuvres, and were dutifully replenished by the circulating and personable waitstaff. With the lovely weather, everyone flocked to the terrace to take in the evening sunset views.

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