Last week we have the pleasure of joining Village Voice for their Fifth Annual Choice Eats at the 69th Armory.  Over 80+ restaurants and food vendors, handpicked by Village Voice resident food critics Robert Sietsema and Lauren Shockey, catered to our every whim regarding our stomachs.

Choice Eats is an outstanding foodie event highlighting some of the best places with their signature dishes, as well all the local hidden hems that deserve some time in the spotlight.  Dishes came to us from over 35 nations, further proving NYC as a delicious melting pot of diversity and culture.

Just a few glimpses at some of the favorites of the night.  Here we go!

Ditch Plains and their signature hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese.

This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef came to us with a roast beef slider with melted cheese wiz.  Don’t judge, I just really like all kinds of cheese.  They had a spread of other dishes as well, including a pastrami on rye sandwich and lobster bisque.

Kutsher’s Tribeca served up delicious, falvorful meatballs doused in a white herb cream sauce for a mild coating.

Joe Dough had a super impressive sandwich display, each segment stuffed to the brim with your choice of delicious sides.

While we’re talking about sandwiches, Mile End Sandwich had an Asian-inspired sandwich bun thing.  While the meat and fillings inside were tasty with a bit of a delicious tangy kick, the cold, slightly hardened bun could have used some room for improvement.

Onto our favorite course: dessert!  VIP ticketholders were allowed to a special dessert-only Choice Sweets section later on in the evening.  There were a few dessert vendors in the main area as well, so let’s take a closer look at all the treats:

Kumquat Cupcakery lined up rows and rows of their delicious mini cupcakes, my choice being the salted caramel.

The Blue Stove had these ridiculous baby chocolate bourbon cake bonbon things that were incredibly moist and to die for.  (I wonder how many it would take to get a buzz going…)

Doughnut Plant served up – you guess it – donuts!  The delicious kinds with fillings.  I got the peanut better glazed filled with jelly for my own makeshift PB&J.  They’ve got the PB to J ratio down pat so that you’re not overwhelmed by one or the other.

My favorite of all the dessert stations was Ample Hills Creamery.  The four flavors they served – salted crack caramel, Mexican hot chocolate, oatmeal lace, and peanut butter & jelly – were all amazing.  And yes, I did go back for fifth and six servings to try each and every falvor multiple times.

If you missed out and feel sad no worries:  Village Voice is coming out with the first annual Choice Streets on Tuesday, April 24th, featuring all of the best food truck vendors all parked in one spot.  For one day, you’ll know where to go for the best food truck food without having to follow, like, 814 different Twitter feeds and Facebook pages for updates.

(… But seriously, check back on Village Voice’s Choice Streets page for more info on that later.)

Check out our food photo gallery below!  And check out even more food porn on Village Voice’s Facebook album here!