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Burgundy, France, may immediately conjure fine, full bodied wine and perhaps the rich, countryside cuisine that pairs with it so seamlessly. However, a trip to the famed region will conjure an elaborate, unforgettable backdrop to these world-renowned products—proving their quality in the unmatched richness of their origins.

Here you will find lush and stunningly verdant hills, woven together by ancient stone walls and striated with endless rows of grapevines.  Narrow roads allow you to trace the contours of these enchanting landscapes, as castles peer over distant treetops and ancient stone villages punctuate your journey with their aromas of fresh bread and strong coffee (to accompany the ridiculously good cheese, impossible to find elsewhere).

Follow these narrow and winding roads to the heart of the region and the age-old city of Atun, circling the hillside like a crown and claiming a distinct swath of European history ripe for exploration.  Not far from the city, tucked into the vivid, bucolic landscape and down a yet even narrower road, you will find the Moulin Renaudiots, perhaps the most charming inn you will ever have the pleasure of seeking out.

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Though not far from some of the regions main attractions (Beaune, famed city of wine, Morvan Natural Park, for outdoor adventuring, and of course the historic Atun), the hidden treasure of Moulin Renaudiots is something you are not likely to stumble upon accidentally.  It is the lovely reward of having done your research and sought out the truly special, the terrifically authentic.  And when you arrive at Moulin Renaudiots, you are well rewarded for your efforts.

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The incredible hospitality and sophisticated inclination of the inn’s owners, Peter and Jan (hailing from Denmark and The Netherlands respectively), is reflected in every detail of the beautifully, and painstakingly restored 18th Century water mill. Gorgeous landscaping invites guests to linger in the fragrance of flowers and grasses, which evoke the timelessness of the French countryside, while the fairytale exterior of the building could easily be a postcard for visiting Burgundy. Inside, the designer’s eyes of Jan and Peter, along with their modern, bold Scandinavian aesthetics, create a chic and comfortable environment that is cozy and cutting-edge all at once.

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Each of the five stylishly appointed accommodations is unique—some with private garden terraces and views of the lush scenery, others with working fireplaces. We highly recommend the lofted room, affording ample amounts of air and sunlight and plenty of space to make you feel perfectly at home. Awake to bird song and the smells of a wonderful breakfast floating up the staircase.  The vast array of simple but divine items—local pastries baked that morning, made-to-order soft boiled eggs, fruits and yogurts—will have you set for a day of exploring the local scenery and tasting the legendary wines.

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Or instead, choose to luxuriate by the pool where you might catch a glimpse of Peter coming home from the market, arms laden with a bounty of vibrant local foods in preparation for the hosts’ table d’hôte. Held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the 3-course dinner should not be missed. A cross between an intimate dinner party held by highly cultured friends and an exclusive, four table, pop-up restaurant, the event encompasses everything that is unique about Moulin Renaudiots.

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From beginning with an apero in the garden (or by the fireplace on chilly nights) to each exceptional and thoughtful course, the camaraderie between the well-traveled guests and the convivial hosts is as warm and happy as the feeling of several glasses of the finest Burgundy–but stays with you long after you leave.

– Ava Fedorov

Photographs by Jeffery Owens and Ava Fedorov for Socially Superlative