Over 2.1 million weddings take place every year in the United States. That’s a whole lot of happy couples tying the knot and celebrating the biggest day of their lives!

Are you getting ready to do the same? Well, you’ll know better than anybody that the lead up to a wedding is an exciting time, but a busy one too. There are endless arrangements to make, jobs to do, and things to think about.

Of all the wedding tasks on your to-do list, though, choosing groomsmen attire can be one of the trickiest. Know the struggle and want some help with the decision? You’re in the right place!

Keep reading for a selection of key considerations for choosing groomsmen clothes and accessories.


The ‘right’ groomsmen attire depends on the overall theme and style of your wedding. Think of it as an outfit. You want everything to feel cohesive, aligned, and matching, right?

For instance, a formal marriage ceremony will require formal and traditional attire! Likewise, a cowboy-themed wedding may demand Stetson hats, bright shirts, boots, and spurs. But groomsmen at your beach wedding might be better off with sandals and linen shirts than suits and ties.

Always bear this in mind as you shop for clothes and accessories. Consider the venue, the vibe, the time of year, the colors on the tables, and so on. Each factor will play a role in determining the best attire for the day.


Buying groomsmen clothes and accessories without thinking about the bridesmaids is a recipe for trouble. Remember, the crucial word here is cohesiveness. You have to make sure everybody’s attire works well together.

That’s why you should never make this decision without considering the other side of the aisle. If the bridesmaids are wearing bright pink, then dressing your groomsmen in turquoise suits isn’t going to end well! Dark suits with a pink tie, cummerbund, and pocket square would be a much better idea.


It’s worth thinking about what the groom will be wearing too. When you’ve settled on his outfit, the next question is whether or not to dress the groomsmen in the same outfit.

For example, if the groom’s going to be in a black tux, then you could get tuxes for the groomsmen too.

This would create a lovely sense of cohesion that’d look great in the wedding photos. However, you could also mix things up and dress the groomsmen in something different. As long as their outfits aren’t worlds apart in style, you’d maintain that cohesion, and the groom would stand out from the crowd.

There’s no right or wrong answer; it’s up to you to choose the right solution for your wedding! Start by considering the groom’s outfit and proceed from there.


Money matters should factor into your decision as well. After all, your groomsmen might be in very different financial situations. Asking everyone to buy an expensive suit and set of accessories would be unfair or unfeasible if some people are better off than others.  

Of course, one way around this would be to pay for the groomsmen’s attire yourself. But that could add hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to what’s already an expensive day. The best way forward is usually to keep everybody’s budget in mind.

Don’t ask anybody to buy an outfit that’d stretch their bank balance too far. Be respectful, offer to help out if necessary, and consider renting suits instead of purchasing them to keep the costs down.


Budgets aren’t the only thing that’ll vary among the groomsmen though. You can bet your bottom dollar that body sizes will too! Make sure you give yourself enough time to a) take everybody’s measurements and b) have the supplier make the necessary adjustments.

Of course, leaving these kinds of decisions to the last minute is never a good idea anyway. Wait too long to pick your groomsmen’s attire and you open the door to potential disasters. The clothes you want for the wedding might be unavailable, the showroom might be closed, and you might be left with your second (or third, or fourth) choice of attire.

We recommend starting this process up to 9 months or so before the wedding date. This should give you more than enough time to make the necessary arrangements and avoid any unwanted setbacks.


It goes without saying that your personal tastes and preferences hold the most weight. However, there’s no harm in asking your groomsmen for their opinions on attire too! They may have awesome ideas, particular requests, and useful contributions to assist in your decision.

Try hard not to pull rank and force people to wear anything they don’t want to. It’ll foster resentment and add a bitter taste to the big day. Instead, give your friends different options, ask them what they like/dislike, and work together to find the perfect attire.


Have you thought about giving your groomsmen individual accessories to go with their outfits? It could be anything from men’s wedding ties to cufflinks, cummerbunds, and fancy watches.

This would add a unique touch to each person’s attire. More than anything else, though, it’d be a kind gesture and a way to thank them for being there for you. Each member of your wedding party is sure to appreciate the sentiment.

Remember These Considerations When Choosing Groomsmen Attire

Countless weddings happen every single day around the United States. They’re incredible events, filled with fun, joy, and togetherness. Alas, with no end to the jobs on your to-do list, the lead up to the day itself can be fraught with stress and worry!

Picking groomsmen attire is one example of a task that can cause headaches along the way. With any luck, though, the considerations in this post will simplify matters. Keep them in mind and you should be one step closer to choosing the perfect groomsmen accessories and outfits.

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