Thanks to NY Barfly, I had an awesome destination to see the FIFA World Cup Finals on Sunday.  My friends and I headed to Brass Monkey in MPD- not only was the 3-story bar jam packed, but they took over the nearby parking lot with benches, pitched up tents to sell food and beer, and called it a block party.  The giant screen that displayed the game could be seen from the streets where people were swarming the sidewalks, but my vantage point from the rooftop looking down on the crowd was definitely the place to be.

It was BYO flag and vuvuzela, and people didn’t seem to mind basking in the hot sun hours before and after the game.  There were far more people in support of Spain, but the few Dutch fans could be picked out with their bright orange shirts, later found sobbing in the corner.  There were also TVs indoors on all 3 levels with minimal AC, but I prefered to be outside in fresh air.

They had beer “specials” all day for $7 (not sure if $7 for warm Coors Light should be considered a good deal), along with $7 sandwiches and empanadas.  With everything being the same price and a system of buying redeemable tickets, it made transactions much smoother for the frazzled waitstaff.  Whether you wanted to be amid the hub-bub in the energetic crowd, or relaxed up on the rooftop, this was definitely a great place to hang out to enjoy the game.

After the game, I walked west on 14th street where there were even more Spain fans singing and cheering outside of Honey and some apartment stoops, spilling out on the sidewalk and into the streets.  People were just having a good (druken) time, but it got a little rowdy when people would get lost in the mob and traffic came to a halt, so the police came to arrest some of the disorderly.

Trying to avoid getting arrested, we passed the crowd and wandered down to Washington Square Park where people were celebrating in the fountain.  People were (trying) to sing while dancing and splashing in the water.  Some people took of their shirts, and some speedos were brandished, but overall people were having a great time and cooling off from the heat. 

There were the typical street performers and bands providing the entertainment, and I happened to be seated near The Park Project, a group of spunky, lively gents playing old, familiar hits with a folky vibe.  Armed with acoustic guitar, bongos, and a tambourine, the old-school band attracted a crowd of drunk eccentric Spanish girls who danced around erratically and attracted a crowd.  Eventually, more people joined in on the dance party to celebrate Spain’s win.  ¡Viva España!