Wines of Portugal: A World of Difference took place yesterday afternoon in The David H. Koch Theatre at Lincoln CenterViniPortugal, a trade association promoting Portuguese wines in targeted international markets since 1997, powered the event.

While I’m personally partial to whites, I made sure to taste a couple of rose and red options.  I certainly was impressed with all the selections offered, but there were definitely a few that stood out as exceptional options for any occasion.

My top rose would hands down be Aveleda’s Casal Garcia, best paired with zucchini risotto with sun-dried tomatoes.  They also offer a comparably good tasting white wine recommended to drink alongside grilled seafood dishes.

Valle Pradinhos’ full body white wine had the perfect combination of flavors.  Made with grapes from the mountain region of Portugal and Alsace, France, this wine was the most memorable and unique tasting in my book.  Following close behind are the whites offered from Boas Quintas.

Malhadinha Nova’s Monte da Peceguina is a great option for full-body red wine lovers.  I was quite impressed with not only the taste of their wines, but also the designs of their labels.  Both the turtle and cow images are drawn by children and compliment the brand well.

-Megan Eileen McDonough