Making my way past the lavish holiday decorations in the luxury 5th Avenue stores, I headed towards 57th Street and turned east towards the Dior store, where they were hosting An Exclusive Evening of Winter Revelry, Champagne, and Style on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009, along with Harper’s Bazaar.

I admired the shoes on my way in and first made my way to the back of the first floor where they had exquisite jewelry taunting me in their display cases.  I made my way up to the second floor, which housed even more people than I expected.

I saw quite a few of the usual suspects there –  fellow “journalists,” party crashers, friendlies that like to mingle – along with a few shoppers doing some excessive damage to their credit cards.  Moet & Chandon champagne was being served, which is definitely adding fuel to the fire on making impulse purchases.  Illustrator Bil Donovan was there to paint highly realistic portraits of guests who were able to sit through all the hubbub that was going around, along with Harper’s Bazaar personal stylist, Amanda Sheppard.

Not to be tempted to buy anything extravagant, I made a beeline out the door but still longing for a pair of Dior shoes.