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If you want a true Las Vegas nightclub experience, XS Las Vegas is the place for top-rated DJs, energetic dancing, a sexy crowd, and lavish spending. Experience the extravagance of Vegas at its finest.

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The  Wynn and the Encore at Wynn hotels sit side by side and are host to some of the best clubs in Vegas, including Tryst, Surrender, and Encore Beach Club, but it is certainly XS that stands out above the rest.

The gold-accented dance club is “inspired by the sexy curves of the human body,” and also features a patio that surrounds Encore’s sparkling pool. Primarily electronic music and house, XS features all of today’s best DJs, including David Guetta, Skrillex, Lil Jon, Major Lazer, Diplo, and Deadmau5. On this particular August Saturday, we were here to check out Zedd, a regular XS headliner.

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Since it was Zedd, we were expecting the crowd control situation to be pretty terrible. With this in mind, it was even worse than I had imagine. Not sure if it was because of Zedd’s popularity (zomg, Clarity! Break Free!) or if this was the normal chaotic scene for XS, but there were about five different lines circling in the lobby, packed with people waiting. We were in contact with a lovely promoter, but by our arrival time it was such a hot mess that no line could avoid long waits.

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Seriously, if there was ever a time you need to get ready in a hurry to make sure you arrive early, this would be that time. VIP table reservations were even sold on the day of, and they still required early arrival in order to secure the table. Even after dropping about a $2K minimum for a table (4 bottles at $500 per), it still doesn’t guarantee a great spot. While the club is massive, there are different tiers of tables, and if you’re stuck in the back tier, you may end up without a view of the dance floor. But hey, at the very least you have your own table serviced by a busty cocktail waitress away from the bone-crushing crowd.

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Once you secure a spot on the dance floor or at a table, don’t plan on moving around too much. Bunker down and enjoy the music! Though it was probably Zedd’s fault for creating such a giant crowd in the first place, his spinning really takes clubbing to a whole new epic level. Zedd returns to XS on September 27th, and for a list of other upcoming events, check them all out here.

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Photos by Socially Superaltive and via XS Las Vegas Facebook page

XS Las Vegas
Wynn Social
3121 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Hours of Operation
Friday-Monday from 9:30pm-4am
Fridays & Saturdays 10:30pm-4am
We do advise you to arrive early to avoid the long lines.

For table reservations: