Israeli proprietors Yoni Kreger and Yaniv Levy are the co-creators of Y Gallery Salon.  With a decade of experience teaching a new generation of hairstylists, Yoni and Yaniv are renowned in the industry for their commitment to nurturing the artist inside of the stylist.  After learning the trade in salons from Beverly Hills to Tel Aviv, and getting certified by the top companies such as Vidal Sassoon, Redken and Wella, Yoni and Yaniv were most recently branch managers of a large hair salon chain in New York City.

Their global experiences not only broadened their design aesthetic, but also sharpened their business acumen, promising that Y Gallery Salon will be amongst the successful salons downtown.  Even when not in their salon, the two owners are nurturing their other artistic passions.  Yaniv’s dedication to his easel, oils and watercolors is generating a venerable collection of personal paintings, while Yoni spends his free time realizing his interior and exterior design visions in the countryside.

The salon’s vision is to bring the essence of art to each of our clients, to create for them a new look that fuses the artistic endeavor of the stylist with the unique personality of each client.   Located in Soho, Y Gallery aims to match the aesthetics of the salon with the inspiration of their neighborhood, by featuring artists and curators from local galleries and beyond to exhibit new art shows in the salon space.

Through years of experience, the owners of Y Gallery Salon have created a system that provides their team of stylists with the tools and knowledge to become world-class hair stylists.  Despite the small space, the spa-like ambiance is created through music, massage, aroma and outstanding customer service.

The opening party on Thursday, October 13th, was a resounding success and featured an art exhibition by Ryan Scott, as well as futuristic disco beats by veteran club mixer DJ EBAR.  Champagne was flowing all night as the capacity crowd entered the space at the step-and-repeat for a photo.  The crowd was a mix of downtown glitterati, curious neighborhood gentry, and Yoni and Yaniv’s fashion-industry entourage.  If the daily grind is executed half as well, then Y Gallery Salon has a promising future indeed.

Written by Eric Reithler-Barros

Y Gallery Salon
180 Lafayette Street
(between Broome and Grand)
New York, NY 10013

Photos by Jaclyn Michelle DeForge for agirlcalledjack photography